Real Industry Job Interviews (RIJI) provides young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to take on the current job market.

RIJI is a work readiness program that assists students in developing good job search, resume writing and interviewing skills. The program is delivered as part of a school’s curriculum throughout a series of guided lesson plans and culminates in a face-to-face interview with a local volunteer employer during a RIJI event.

Who’s Involved

Local Students
Year 10-12 students in all schools and alternative settings in the cities of Darebin, Moreland and Yarra are invited to participate. In 2019, we expect over 1300 students to participate across 24 schools.

Employment Agencies
Employment agencies including jobactive providers, Disability Employment Services and Group Training Organisations as well as recruitment departments can directly engage and support schools to deliver four out of seven lessons that form part of the RIJI Program. The Inner Northern LLEN assists in brokering partnerships between employment agencies and schools.

Local Employers
Local employers support the program by being involved as volunteer interviewers. Volunteer interviewers are responsible for reviewing and providing feedback for up to 8 student job applications. They also participate in a ½ day round of face-to-face interviews during a RIJI event.

Links to the Curriculum

The RIJI program has been mapped against AusVELs and VCAL curriculum specifically:

  • Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework
  • AUSVELS (Humanities – Economics, English, Interpersonal Development)
  • VCAL (Literacy, Work Related Skills)

If embedded, teachers or careers practitioners can deliver the program with students completing work as part of their credited work in class.

The RIJI program is a real community effort and would not be possible without the participation of schools, service providers and local employers.

Businesses/Organisations - Get involved

Expressions of Interest to volunteer in the 2019 RIJI Program are now open!

How can your organisation be involved?

  1. Engage and work directly with a local school to deliver work readiness training to local students. We work with mainstream, special (list) or alternative settings to deliver 1-4 RIJI lessons, 1hr per week over 4 weeks at most, and as little as 1 hour involvement over all.
  2. Volunteer to be a RIJI interviewer (half day commitment at a local event, interview young people from local schools!)

If you would like to participate in the RIJI Program contact Bret Mahon, RIJI Coordinator at

Find Out More

What do students think of the RIJI program? What advice do they have for other students? Watch this 'Students Say” video to find out.

Teachers and interviewers share their thoughts on the RIJI program and how it helps young people prepare for the workforce.