20 Soft Skills To Develop To Get You Workforce-ready

POSTED: 10th Jul

Soft skills are all the rage when it comes to getting a job these days. They are a combination ...

What to put on your job applications when you have no experience

POSTED: 25th Jul

Looking for a job and you’ve got no previous experience?  It can be daunting to apply for...

Thanks to the 2018 campaign sponsors

POSTED: 6th Jun

The Jobs for Youth campaign would like to acknowledge its sponsors and supporters. The 2018 ca...

Health Forum Videos

POSTED: 24th Oct

  If you missed the Health Skills & Employment Outlook Forum held at La Trobe University...

Campaign Video Library

POSTED: 22nd Jul

Here's your link to the 2016 Jobs for Youth campaign video content. LAUNCH The Campaign...

Sharpen your soft skills

POSTED: 19th Jul

You'll be asked to detail your job or technical skills when applying for jobs, but did you know ...

Networking and the hidden job market

POSTED: 12th Jul

It is said that up to 85 per cent of jobs are not advertised. That means there are plenty of opportu...

Talent Community

POSTED: 11th Jul

Connect With Young Jobseekers This website is a resource centre offering local youth-focused job li...

Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)

POSTED: 11th Jul

Help foster our future workforce The Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) Program is an on-the-job t...

Industry Speaker Bank

POSTED: 11th Jul

inspire, contribute, nurture, encourage Employers are invited to volunteer to visit schools and s...

Community drive to improve youth employment opportunities

POSTED: 6th Jun

The Jobs for Youth campaign is a whole-of-community drive to improve youth employment opportuni...

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