Vocational Mentoring

Posted: 11th Jul

Foster Relationships to Benefit you Both

Supporting young people by giving them opportunities for face-to-face mentorship.

Business owners and operators, did you know that your life-long journey of experiences and learnings can provide fertile ground for powerful stories that can help a young person who may just need someone to talk to.

Everyone has someone in their life that has had a positive influence and provided them with the support required to make them the success they are. The Vocational Mentoring Bank aims to capitalise on this by providing a regional, coordinated approach to mentorship, with a pool of high quality vocational mentors providing links and support to schools and community organisations who require help guiding young people in their programs.

Young people report that they see vocational mentoring as a valuable support in career exploration and job seeking. In particular, vocational mentoring can assist disadvantaged young people learn about the workplace, clarify expectations, extend their networks and help find vital work opportunities.

For businesses, vocational mentoring can improve leadership skills of current staff and can also improve recruitment and employee retention, so register today.

How to get involved...
Contact Andrew Horgan on 0408 837 917 or by email